6 Responses to New Releases as of June 20, 2014
New Releases as of June 20, 2014 avatar

  1. hoccus says:

    Thank you for the new Pokemon ep, hope you had a good weekend.

  2. James_Terrano says:

    Why there are no Opening Credits in new Bleach episodes?! I want to see US version of Bleach Opening 15! PLEASE!

  3. ron says:

    Pokemon DP Sinnoh legue Victors Episode 4 and 24 in 720p [C-W], I can’t find them. Were they skipped and only made available in SD?

  4. Darlaten says:

    Are you having difficulties in keeping up with releases again? I hope everything is alright.

  5. UsaraKa says:

    Thanks for conitinuing to release your encodes AquaFox/Cartoon-World! You guys have been my favorite encode group for years. Can’t wait for the next awesome batch! YOU GUYS ROCK (SERIOUSLY)!!!!! : )

  6. Moxxy says:

    Love you guys!
    When will the next set of PKMN XY come?
    I prefer DUB when it comes to PKMN, even though it makes me have to wait longer.

    I’m also wondering if you could seed some old BW and DP episodes.
    I have downloaded some from online streams just because I couldn’t get any seeds just in case, but it’s so poor quality compared to [C-W], [C_P], uc-pichus etc.
    Most of the ones I’ve download from online streams are ones I’ve somehow missed when downloading from your tracker. It’s even poorer quality than some of the oldest files I have from the p2p@IRC days.

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